The A Grade came third in A3 in 1990, and after finals appearance in the following years, was relegated to A4 in 1993.  Under new coach Ian Knight, and the recruitment of Tom Warhurst, who won the A4 Medal, Iggies reached the Grand Final in 1994 only to lose to Hope Valley FC. The SAAFL revamped the Divisions in 1996 which saw Iggies finish in the middle of the Div 1 league (equivalent to Div 2). When the Divisions were revamped again in 1997, Iggies were cruelly back in A4.  Under new coach Peter Ward in 1998, Iggies made the Grand Final on the back of a large influx of talented school players, but lost to Pembroke OS in a tight contest. Stars of the 90’s included: Christopher Lucas, Saul Heffernan, Mark Frinsdorf, Cliff Flower and enigmatic forward Pete Flower.

With a strong emphasis on enjoying the social and off-field aspects of a footy club, it’s no surprise that Ignatians’ B Grade side has often excelled. In an unbelievable period of dominance, the B Grade won five straight premierships from 1994 – 1998. Club legend Pete Ward coached the victorious team of 1996, as well as stints coaching the A and C Grade teams. During this five years of dominance, 57 players won premiership medallions, the team won 94 out of the 102 games played, and had hundred goal seasons from Phil Smith and Tim Rice.  Three players played in all five premierships, the captain Brad Thomas, Bevan Ferrari and club games record holder John Vagnarelli (389 games) who added a 6th premiership medallion in 2009.

The club entered a C Grade side in 1977, and after grand final losses in 1983 and 1989, won its first Premiership in 1995, coached by Peter Ward & Richard Scollin, and superbly led by Captain Tom Sexton.  The C’s beat Kilburn FC by 35 points in the Grand Final after losing the second semi final by 102 points.  The C’s won their second premiership in 1998 under coach Brendan Daw, who played in the 1995 premiership, and added another in 2009 under Tom Besanko, whose young team defeated the highly fancied SMOSH team.  The C Grade’s three flags have come against teams that had 19-0, 18-1 and 18-1 season records going into the Grand Final.

The club fielded a D Grade at one point in the 1990s.  The team hardly won a game and holds all records for the club’s heaviest defeats, but is fondly remembered by those involved, principally for the antics of coach Kevin “Tassie” Ward, his Bedford Truck “taxi”, and the pet snake he kept in his esky.